What is Cupcake?

Some answers to questions you might have.

Cupcake is an app that gives families and roommates who work from home the ability to see the working statuses of each person in their household in an effort to avoid uneccessary interruptions.

Use Cupcake to broadcast whether you can be interrupted or not, along with an optional timeframe and/or additional content, to help improve the focus and efficiency of your work and invite those in your household to do the same!
Ok...how about this one.

Let's say you are in your office on an important video call. You broadcast this on Cupcake, letting those in your house know you cannot be interrupted, and your spouse instantly knows not to come in after a shower, naked, to give you a kiss.

All joking aside, the applications of Cupcake are endless...

Listening to music? Broadcast you are wearing headphones so your roommate doesn't wonder if you are deaf as she is shouting questions at you from another room without hearing an answer. Need to focus and not be interrupted for 30 minutes? Start a countdown on Cupcake so others know to leave you alone for that time. Have a meeting in 15 minutes? Let other's know you are available until then in case they need something from you.

Cupcake is a very useful tool to help those working from home share with others in their house whether they are available or not.
Honestly, no idea. Probably because we love cupcakes...and because we are called Cakebar! Does it really matter?
Now we're talkin'!

Just CLICK HERE to register! Once you sign up, you can invite others in your household to join via email!